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Special Note: Pilates has existed for over 80 years as an effective and safe form of exercise, when taught and applied correctly by a qualified "Certified Instructor" however in the past 25 years the word Pilates entered the mainstream as a result of an intellectual property lawsuit whereby a US federal court ruled the term "Pilates" generic and free for unrestricted use. Unfortunately this law enabled countless Copy Cat Pilates studios and Wannabe Trainers to make false claims that have given them entrée into the Pilates market to capitalize on this specialized fitness art and as a result, the general public now faces conflicting information about what Pilates is, how it works and what credentials they should seek out when looking for an instructor.

Body by Peter Classical Pilates

What makes Body by Peter Classical Pilates Pilates different? Our mission and pledge is to maintain the integrity of Joseph Pilates original work. You get exactly what Joseph Pilates initiated and taught - authentic, precise and true to his exact training specifications and technique. No compromise, just pure "Classical Pilates" with astounding results. Guaranteed! Further, the Body by Peter training technique delivers world class results because it is taught by a highly qualified "Romana Kryzanowska Certified" instructor with expertise in designing a Pilates workout specific to your body's needs and capabilities awarding you the very best in physical conditioning. The elite and exclusive Certification program demands that it's students undergo a minimum of 6 months and at least 600 hours of extensive one on one training with Level Pilates Masters and completion of a 2 part test, one being an 11 hour intensive written exam and the other a vigorous practical test on a live body under the auspice of a Level 1 Pilates Master.

Our approach to Pilates training includes over 500 exercises performed on the mat and on Gratz manufactured equipment designed and engineered by Joseph Pilates himself. At Body by Peter we believe in a holistic approach to training incorporating mind, body and spirit, building strength without excess bulk, creating a sleek toned body with slender thighs and a flat abdomen that is geared for correct posture, flexibility, agility and full range of motion. Through our strength and conditioning training you will develop muscular endurance, power and the ability to perform difficult tasks that apply to all sports and lifestyle functions.

Our Pilates techniques don’t just serve the fit but are also therapeutic and serve as an excellent source of rehabilitation for pre and post operative surgery as well as pre and post natal. Our workouts are also designed for "pain management" eliminating back pain and spine conditions such as scoliosis, herniated disc, sciatica nerve as well as all types of joint, bone and physical injuries that challenge ones ability to function normally on a day to day basis.

It is a safe, sensible exercise system that will help you look and feel your very best!

Come see why Body by Peter's World Class "Classical Pilates Studio" sanctioned and endorsed by the very people who invented Pilates is the public's number one choice and is considered to be one of the very best and most distinguished "Classical Pilates"Training Facilities.

Peter Napoliello

Certified Pilates Trainer

about peterPeter found his passion for Pilates as a client training for a medical condition which for him the results where so miraculous that he likes to say he "Got Religion". The passion grew and soon after he made the commitment to become a Full time Pilates Instructor studying under Romana Kyzanowska (World renowned Master of the Art & Protege of Joseph Pilates) and her Daughter Sari Majia Santos (Level 1 Master Teacher).

After years of intense training he became certified in Pilates and while living and working in Los Angeles as an executive in the Entertainment Industry he was able make a smooth transition drawing many famous celebrities, musicians, actors, models and professional athletes to his studio in Malibu where his training logo and motto was and still is "Changing Bodies and Re-Arranging Minds".

Peter has appeared on numerous television shows, publicized in countless journals and magazine articles and is a highly regarded "in demand" World Class professional trainer with exceptional motivational skills. He has taught extensively for years throughout the USA and Europe and has also lived and taught in Bermuda. His revered Pilates Instructor credentials also serve as rehabilitation techniques for pre and post operative surgery, pre and post natal, workouts designed for spine conditions and all types of physical injuries and handicaps.

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